The Land Where Brahma Dropped a Lotus Flower: Pushkar

Pushkar is one among the many holiest places in India. It has an interesting history connected to its name. It goes as follows- there was a monster named Vajranash who was creating trouble on earth. While the atrocities of evil created by Vajranash increased, Brahma, the creator of the universe took a move and killed him. While killing, the three petals of the lotus, by which Brahma was killing Vajranash, fell on earth. The places where these petals landed turned into three lakes and the location where these petals landed was named as Pushkar, which has its meaning derived from the “flower that fell from Brahma’s hand”.

Pushkar is a land of temples. Some of them are Brahma Temple, Varah Temple, Raghunath Temple and Apteshwar Temple. Brahma Temple, which was constructed in the 14th century is the only temple dedicated to the creator of the universe- Brahma. One among the three Pushkara lakes is situated near this temple. The reason behind there being only one Brahma Temple has a story as well.

After this place was declared as Pushkar, Brahma thought of conducting a big sacrificial prayer so that Pushkar could become a prosperous place. For this prayer, Brahma and his wife, Savitri were expected to be present together. Savitri could not accompany Brahma. So to avoid delaying the sacrificial prayer, Brahma asked God Indra to find a girl who could get married to him. Indra found a girl and to be sure of her purity, the lords thought of making a second birth of hers from the body of a cow. She was named Gayatri on her second birth. Brahma then married Gayatri and started performing the rituals. Savitri reached at the very moment and became angry seeing Brahma marrying Gayatri and cursed him that no other temple of Brahma would be made in this world. And even if someone managed to create one, it would get destroyed. So that’s how there remained only one temple of Brahma prevailing in the world.

Savitri even cursed Gayatri. As Gayatri belonged to the Gujjar caste, Savitri’s curse claimed that each and every person belonging to the Gujjar community would only get liberated if their ashes are released in Pushkar Lake. After cursing them, it is said that, Savitri went to the highest hill of the town and created a temple.

Pushkar is filled with monumental heritage and beautiful lakes as well as some historical stories surrounding it. So, the next time you’re planning a vacation, do consider visiting this city that’s known for its vibrant culture and mysteries.