Places to visit in Ajmer and Pushkar in one day

While travelling to Rajasthan, Ajmer and Pushkar are the destinations which must be included in your itinerary. Draped in the barren Aravalli Hills and surrounding the beautiful lake of Ana Sagar, Ajmer is one of the most important destinations to explore the Islamic history and heritage. Pushkar is a city of colorful bazaars, splendid temples and hordes of pilgrims with the shimmering Pushkar Lake in the middle. Both the cities exudes the rich essence of Rajasthani culture in its every aspect and displays a number of wonderful places to visit which you can easily cover in one day. Let’s have a look on some of the places to visit in Ajmer and Pushkar in one day-

Dargah Sharif Ajmer

Start your Ajmer sightseeing by witnessing the most popular attraction of the city- Dargah of Moin-ud-din Chishti. With a beautiful courtyard in the front, the spectacular shrine is visited by thousands of travellers every year. One of the most sacred and rich example of Mughal Architecture, Dargah Sharif promises you an evening of peace and tranquility. Don’t forget to carry scarfs while you visit the Dargah as it is compulsory to cover your heads and women to cover their shoulders as well. Also, visit the Dargah Bazaar nearby the Dargah Sharif where you can shop for some souvenirs, handicrafts, artifacts, saris, traditional veils and much more.

Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra

The extraordinary ruins of the Adhai-din-ka-Jhonpra mosque are located at a short distance from Dargah Sharif. The name of the mosque means shed of two and a half day and according to the legend, the construction of the mosque in 1153 took only 2½ days. The mosque is among the earliest examples of the Indo-Islamic architecture and is visited by almost everyone who wants to explore Ajmer.

Brahma Temple Pushkar

Almost 15 km away from Ajmer, Pushkar welcomes thousands of pilgrims and devotees every year to its lakes, camel safaris and most importantly to its famous Brahma Temple. Believed to be 2000 years old, Brahma Temple is main temple of Pushkar City, which is considered to be the only Lord Brahma Temple in the whole country. According to the legend, ‘Lord Brahma’ performed his holy yagan at Pushkar at the place where the temple was built along with Goddess Gayatri. Located close to the sacred Pushkar Lake, the temple is always flooded with crowds of devotees to take blessings.

Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake is semi-circular in shape, which is believed to cleanse the sins and cure the skin diseases of the pilgrims when they take a dip in it. The lake is also known as ‘TirthaRaj’ which means king of all pilgrimages. Surrounded by 52 Ghats and 300 Temples, the lake exudes a charming effect on everyone.


Pushkar Markets

Local markets of Pushkar City are famous all around the world for selling local made goods like souvenirs, leather goods, and rose products showcasing the rich heritage of Pushkar. The markets are flooded with various handicraft goods, colorful bangles, leather goods, embroidery and traditional clothes, paintings by local artisans, wood & ivory carvings block printed textiles, traditional jewelry and pottery goods. For a shopping lover, local markets of Pushkar city are perfect to wander and explore when they visit Pushkar.