Best Places to Celebrate Christmas and New Year in Pushkar, Rajasthan

This year is coming to an end and the Christmas & New Year celebrations are right around the corner. This festive season, come spend your holidays at Pushkar. Yes, you heard that right! There’s much more this oasis town has in store for you than just camel fairs and pilgrimage sites. Read on to find out what you can do in Pushkar to make your Christmas and New Year exciting.

Pushkar Lake or Pushkar Sarovar

If you want to spend the twilight sipping hot kulhad chai while adorning the beauty of nature, then Pushkar Lake is the right place for you! As the radiant golden sun sinks behind the spellbinding temples, it leaves behind mesmerizing silhouettes with rustic hues in the sky. The water of the lake mirrors this enchanting choreography of lights that goes around in the sky. From blue and orange to red and then eventually black, until the night finally sets in, the sky seems to dance perfectly to nature’s symphony.


Situated amidst the scenic sand dunes of the famous Thar Desert, the quaint town of Pushkar has a charm of its own. Enclosed by the denuded Aravalli hills, which are the oldest fold mountains of the country, Pushkar is a cocoon of natural beauty. Given its physiology, this town is ideal for all those daredevils who are willing to engage themselves in the adventure of desert camping illuminated by the light of innumerable stars. Inspired by royal forts, usually the camps in Pushkar are luxurious with quite a few facilities and amenities that let you rejuvenate in style. Some of them even organize folk performances, bonfires and local sightseeing to keep their visitors engrossed.

Sarfara Bazaar

One of the most popular markets in Pushkar, Sarafa Bazaar, entices a large number of tourists. It sells an array of diverse commodities ranging from garments & embellished covers to hand embroidered items and textiles. The market is also popular for other things like leather goods and bangles made from beads. You may also come across stunning idols of Gods and Goddesses.

Camel Fairs and Camel Rides

Camel safaris are an amazing way to experience the deserts of Pushkar like never before. This is a great opportunity for you to stop for a brief chit-chat with the nomadic tribes and to get yourself acquainted with the rustic life that is peculiar of the desert people. Enjoy the splendid views of mountains, hills and other relief features that characterize the desert landscapes.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Rise gently above the ground to get a kaleidoscopic view of the desert, spectacular lake and ancient temples. This one of its kind adventure will not just transport you over this pretty little town, but it will also leave you feeling elated and ecstatic. The ideal time to take this ride is during the wee hours of morning when the soft rays of the sun slowly melt into the skyline of the city. This is also an idyllic opportunity to capture perfect selfies amidst the clouds that are nothing like your regular photos.

So, pack your bags, ditch overcrowded holiday spots like Goa and hop on the first train to ring in your Christmas and New Year in style.