6 Weekend Getaway Destinations from Pushkar

Bordering the Thar Desert, Pushkar is surely not an unknown name. Being Lord Brahma’s place, Pushkar has abundance of religious places to visit. The sacred Pushkar lakes and the hilly location surely attract many tourists, and every corner in Pushkar offers surprises. The markets of Pushkar are rich for silver jewelry and bandhani sarees. But if you have already explored Pushkar or if you are staying in Pushkar and are planning to have a weekend getaway from Pushkar, then you would be happy to know that Pushkar is surrounded with beautiful and rich places. Here are some that you could explore:

Ladnun (180.6 km)

Ladnun, referred to as ‘The Land of Jain Gods’, is situated in the Nagaur district in Rajasthan. The history of this place can be traced down to the days of Mahabharata- the great epic. You could have a religious tour in Ladnun as the temples here are quite famous. Other than temples, the art galleries can be considered to visit, which have a unique collection of ancient art forms and statues, including the Jain manuscripts. Visiting this place during winters is advised.

Ranakpur (240 km)

Pali, a district of Rajasthan, consists of a beautiful small village called Ranakpur. This village is famous for its temple, peaceful environment and many alluring attractions. While in Ranakpur, you should surely try some outdoor activities, including trekking, jeep safari, horse and camel riding and wildlife watching. The Rajasthani thali available in Ranakpur are appreciable.

Chittorgarh (212.5 km)

Chittorgarh covers an area of about 700 acres in Rajasthan. This place marks some historical events. One of the pandavas, Bhima, has visited this place to know the secrets of immortality from a sage. He couldn’t succeed in doing that and his frustrations made him stamp the ground, which created a water reservoir called Bhim Tal. This place is rich in temples, museums and beautiful crafts. So while in Chittorgarh, you could surely explore these sitings.

Sikar (175.7 km)

Sikar, located in the north eastern part of Rajasthan, is a popular tourist destination. The forts of Sikar are built in Shekhawati style, which make them very unique. Sikar occupies a central place when it comes to art, culture and wealth in the pages of history. The markets in Sikar are also eminent in providing a unique form of Rajasthani culture. While planning to visit Sikar, one could even explore Fatehpur town.

Jodhpur (173 km)

Jodhpur is one of the most beautiful cities in Rajasthan. The Sun City of India was built by Rao Jodha in the 15th century. The historical forts are worth admiring. You would meet many like-minded travelers in Jodhpur. It is advised to visit Jodhpur from October to March. Exploring the blue houses, rambling through Rao Jodha Desert rock park while munching some lip-smacking snacks is the way of getting to know Jodhpur. Other than having rich culture, Jodhpur is also rich in its outdoor activities. Paragliding, Desert safari and Ziplining are few to name.

Bundi (169 km)

Bundi, the City of Rajputs, isn’t well known but surely is captivating like other cities of Rajasthan. Covered by hills from three sides, Bundi is a city filled with many forts and palaces. Yug art in Bundi will surely provide you with the best glimpse of Rajasthani miniatures allowing taking a picture of you on the elephant back.

So, if you are staying in Pushkar and want to plan a weekend away from there, then these are the places you could consider.